Corporate Social Responsibility seems obvious to us. After all, having sustainable relations with everyone around us is the core of our existence. Therefore, our employees have taken a number of initiatives:

Organic and Fair Trade products

We add an increasing number of organic and biodynamic wines to our assortment and closely monitor developments in this field. For instance, we have our own fair trade label. Sustainable business is also highly valued by our suppliers and they will keep up with the latest developments.

Local support

We are in close contact with society and our employees have the opportunity to contribute to its improvement. For example, part of the revenue from one of our private labels is invested in social projects in South Africa.

Moreover, we are partner of DoSocial. DoSocial initiates, promotes, supports and provides a forum for and by care welfare initiatives. These initiatives add essential value to long-term stay of needy people. Walraven Sax’ employees can spend one day a year on such initiatives.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Inland waterways are preferred for transportation. In doing so, the shipping container supply from the port of Rotterdam to our warehouse is reduced by 20% to 30%.

By minimizing car emissions and rewarding the use of low emission cars, an environmentally friendly car fleet is encouraged.

We also promote reusable glasses at events to reduce the amount of waste.

Responsible alcohol consumption

We comply with applicable laws and self-regulation codes in developing products, promotions and activities. It goes without saying that we encourage responsible alcohol consumption and discourage underage drinking. We refer to the following websites: www.wimoverwijn.nlwww.nix18.nlen